Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! I need help understanding & applying the Bible to my life!!

Do you have trouble developing a good, consistent way to study the Bible for yourself? Here is a simple, yet effective approach to help you grow in this important area of your life. It has three basic steps. They are:

1. Observation
2. Interpretation
3. Application

Here is how it works: Pick a passage, begin with prayer, asking God to help you understand and apply His Word, and then work to answer these three questions:

1. Observation - What do these verses say?
2. Interpretation - What do these verses mean?
3. Application - Based upon what these verses say and mean, what do I need to do or stop doing?

A great book of the Bible to help you learn this method is Proverbs. Start out by picking small groups of verses...there is nothing wrong with starting small. Go ahead, give it a try next time you spend time in the Word. You can rock it! Go for it!

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