Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Songs, Poems & Favorite Scripture concerning sin, grace, forgiveness...

Remember, feel free to post your favorite songs, poems & Scriptures concerning our battle with sin, the beauty of God's grace & forgiveness, etc. Let's start with this, written by our own Jeremiah Johnson. Check it out!

The evilness of life
That causes misery and strife
Is like a cold knife

Cutting towards my soul
But can never reach its goal
Because Christ died at that grassy knoll

For me and you
He cried for you
Gods son wept and died for YOU

He died for me
He laid down his life and
Released my sinful apathy

For it's through faith I believe
Go ahead and let the deceiver deceive
God knows the life I will lead

So through the evilness of life
Even the misery and strife
I'll turn back that knife
The double edged sword
destroy the deceiver 
and follow the Lord

*Used by permission.

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