Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fight For Discernment - Sunday, December 5

What is discernment? Literally discernment is the ability to perceive & understand. Discernment is the ability to choose wisely between right and wrong and between better and best! Discernment is one of the skills required to live life well, to be the person God wants you to be, and to be able to successfully follow through with all the responsibilities entrusted you. It is the ability to make great choices and live with confidence. You want some? If you do, you might want to read this blog entry.

Imagine for a moment that God sends a messenger to your house tonight for one very specific reason. He is there to inform you that God has authorized him to give you whatever you ask for. But, you can only make one request. What would you ask for? Would it be knowledge, the perfect guy or girl, money, success, good health, a long life, a perfect family, or how about no more school, ever?

The Bible tells of a time that this actually happened to a young man by the name of Solomon. You may be familiar with what happened. But, even if you are,  I would encourage you to check out how things went down for Solomon. You can read all about it here. 1 Kings 3 It's an awesome story...in fact you might want to read from chapter two through chapter five.

God followed through with His promise to Solomon. In fact, God did far more than just follow through, He exceeded what Solomon asked for in so many ways.

What did Solomon ask for? He asked for wisdom & discernment. Young Solomon knew that if he was going to be the kind of man God wanted him to be, and if we was going to be able to successfully fulfill all the responsibilities that had been entrusted to him, he had to have wisdom & discernment. He also knew that he could not just make himself a wise or discerning person...these things had to come from God. So, Solomon asked and God gave. You know, just like Solomon, we also need wisdom & discernment from God. Have you asked? Are you curious how God wants us to ask, and how He wants us to seek after wisdom and discernment? Check it out here: Path to wisdom & discernment (Proverbs2).

You will notice several important things as you read through1 Kings and Proverbs 2.
  1. Solomon was humble enough to recognize he needed God's help and to ask for it. Are you humble enough to recognize you also need God's help? Have you asked for it? God and God alone is the source of all wisdom & discernment. You either get it through relationship with Him (His Word!!) or you don't get it at all.
  2. Solomon asked very specifically (He wanted to be godly and be a good king). Have you asked specifically? What do you want wisdom & discernment for? Tell God.
  3. Solomon worked to be wise & discerning. You want to know how? Check out Proverbs 2 (linked above). God offers the same thing to us today. Are you willing to work God's way for wisdom and discernment? If you are, He will give them to you. It's a promise.
If you were not at Figh Club on Sunday, you will want to watch the video linked below. It is another great reminder that when you live in a wicked culture like ours you have got to have wisdom & discernment from God if you want to live righteously andexperience God's blessings for obedience.

** Watch This ** You gotta have discernment! (Mark Driscoll)  **Watch This**

Here is our verse for the week: 
 For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2:6

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